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Florida Farm Animal Organizations

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Florida cracker cowFlorida farm animal breeder's associations with interests in goats, pigs, rabbits, llamas, cattle, zebu miniature cows,, pygmy goats, mini donkeys, dairy cows, alpaca, angus cattle, cracker cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, and poultry.

Florida Farm Animal Rescue | Farm Animal Sanctuary

Florida farm animal rescue groups for rabbits, pigs, llamas, hooved animals, goats, sheep, cows, chickens, poultry, and all types of farm animals.

Directory of Farm Animal Rescue and Breeder Associations

Central Florida Herding Club


Established in April 1997, the Central Florida Herding Club, Inc., is an incorporated non-profit member organization dedicated to expanding awareness of our highly intelligent herding dogs. Registered with the American Kennel Club, we are committed to the promotion of the sport of herding and the preservation of the working instincts of all herding dogs.

Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association

Inverness, FL

The mission of the Central Florida Poultry Breeders Association is to establish community and networking opportunities for all poultry fanciers. Poultry includes chickens, ducks, and goose in large size and bantam breeds.

Citrus County Animal Shelter


The primary mission of the Animal Services is to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and to enforce the Animal Services Ordinance, while providing shelter for impounded animals.

CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm

Keyston Heights, FL

CJ Acres Animal Rescue Farm is a non-profit,all-volunteer organization that exists to rescue, rehabilitate, and reintroduce in-need animals, while promoting compassionate animal care to the community. Our current animal residents include horses, goats, feral cats, chickens, pigs, and ducks that have come to us from across the nation (Arizona, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, and South Carolina) and Canada.

Crazy Cavies Guinea Pig Rescue

PO Box 772692
Coral Springs, FL

Guinea pig rescue organization.

Darlynn's Darlins, Inc.

9830 Evans Road
Polk City, FL
(863) 984-2724

The daily operation of our hands-on, no-kill animal rescue and shelter reflects are philosophy. We promote ideas for a peaceful, healthy existence in harmony with the non-human members of the global family. Imagine a better life for all ... at the expense of none.

Farm Store

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Flolrida Alpaca & Llama Association


Hello, my name is Tracy Weaver, and I am the current President of the Florida Alpaca & Llama Association, Inc. (FALA). We began in July 2004 due to the growing desire and need for education of the llamas and alpacas. Our Corporate purpose is to educate members and the public as to the breeding, raising, caring for and exhibition or showing of llamas and alpacas and to promote and advance the interests of the Llama community as a whole.We started with 16 family/farm memberships and are growing everyday! We are a state wide organization and anyone is welcome to join our group. Our bylaws were developed with everyone in mind, not only the llama/alpaca breeders and owners, but for anyone interested in these animals we love so much. We will and have held seminars on showing, shearing, worming, fecal testing, and more events are in the planning stages. We sponsor many of the alpaca and llama shows in Florida and the Southeast.

Florida 4-H Youth Development


Mission Florida 4-H creates supportive environments for diverse youth and adults to reach their fullest potential. Vision Florida 4-H aspires to be the leading youth development program that creates positive change in youth, families, and communities.

Florida Alpaca Breeders Association

15347 NW 298th Street
High Springs, FL

The Florida Alpaca Breeders Association is dedicated to promoting public awareness the alpaca 'lifestyle' and industry. We are proud to be an affiliate of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA). As alpaca owners we understand the unique requirements of raising alpacas in Florida. We are dedicated to educate new breeders and alpaca enthusiasts in the alpaca husbandry, and in promoting the alpaca industry in Florida.

Florida Angus Association

2549 East C-476
Bushnell, FL 33513
352 854-0536

The Florida Angus Association is a group of approximately 100 ranch family members who own, raise and/or show the Angus breed. Membership is made up primarily of Florida members although, we do have several family ranches from Georgia and Alabama.

Florida Brahman Association

P.O. BOX 560136
Rockledge, FL

The Florida Brahman Association (FBA) is the official organization of Brahman producers in the state of Florida, U.S.A. Our primary goal is to promote Florida-raised Brahman cattle in our state, our country, and throughout the world.

Florida Cattlemen's Association


History of Florida’s Cattle Industry Though it may seem unapparent today in the mist of many tourist attractions and urban communities, Florida’s landscape was once a vast area for livestock pastures. In 1521 Ponce de Leon brought horses and cattle to Florida, making it the oldest cattle raising state in the country. For many years the cattle industry has contributed to Florida both environmentally and economically. Multi-generational family ranches have cared for our land and created employment for many Florida residents over time. As Florida matured, tourism expanded and urbanization began to cover much of the green open land that had contributed to Florida’s unique environment for so long. Florida’s cattle industry is one of the 15 largest in the United States. Centered around birthing and raising calves without much of the concerns that come with the beef processing part of the system, Florida’s cattlemen are dedicated to the preservation of Florida’s green ranch land. As a large industry within the state, cattle ranchers significantly support Florida’s interstate economy and provide jobs as well as beef. The cattle industry supports a vast network of associated businesses. These allies include (but are not limited to) feed companies, heavy machinery corporations and fertilizer manufacturers. This integrated web of economic organizations helps create jobs and business opportunities in Florida. Additionally, Florida’s cattlemen have been strong supporters of Florida’s youth and culture. From county fair displays to scholarship contests, Florida’s cattlemen have worked diligently to give back to the communities they serve.

Florida Cracker Cattle Association

The Mission of the Florida Cracker Cattle Association is to preserve these cattle that were so important to the agricultural history of Florida and that provided the foundation for today public, especially young people, regarding the role of Florida Cracker Cattle in Florida's history.

Florida Cracker Horse Association

2992 Lake Bradford Road South
Tallahassee, FL

The Florida Cracker Horse Association (FCHA) was organized in 1989, and tasked with searching for the remnant herds of Cracker Horses. A registry was established and foundation animals were registered based on their history and external type; 31 cracker horses were registered and blood typed for the foundation stock. A stringent application of the rules has resulted in a very consistent breed. Today, the Florida Cracker Horse is promoted as a valuable and vital part of Florida's heritage and is still quite rare. Today over 800 horses have been registered.

Florida Dairy Goat Association

Dairy goats are the ideal family dairy animal. They are small, alert, intelligent, and easily handled. Kept on even the smallest of properties, goats return the cost of their feed in economically produced, delicious, and nutritious milk. Loving and very social animals, goats quickly learn their names will readily answer when called, and thrive on love, attention, and good care.

Florida Department of Enviornmental Protection

The Department of Environmental Protection is the lead agency in state government for environmental management and stewardship and is one of the more diverse agencies in state government, protecting our air, water, and land. The Department is divided into three primary areas: Regulatory Programs, Land and Recreation and Planning and Management. Florida's environmental priorities include restoring America's Everglades, improving air quality, restoring and protecting the water quality in our springs, lakes, rivers and coastal waters, conserving environmentally-sensitive lands and providing citizens and visitors with recreational opportunities, now and in the future.

Florida Farm Animal Rescue


Jeff Gold, Founder, Rescue Me! Animal Rescue Network. Jeff Gold lives in Watkinsville, GA. After learning there was nobody doing boxer rescue work in Georgia, Gold founded Boxertown, an organization which helped find homes for over 500 boxers during its first two years. Based upon this success, Gold came up with the vision for Rescue Me! a network which aims to help all breeds of dogs, cats and other animals find good homes, anywhere in the world.

Florida Farm Bureau

PO Box 147030
Gainesville, FL 32614
(352) 378-8100

Florida Farm Bureau Through the Years This year, Florida Farm Bureau Federation celebrates 68 years of service to agriculture. With about 140,000 members, Florida Farm Bureau is the state's largest agricultural organization. There are Farm Bureaus in 60 counties in this state, where agriculture is second only to tourism in economic importance. Mission and Vision The Florida Farm Bureau Federation's mission is "to increase the net income of farmers and ranchers, and to improve the quality of rural life." The vision of the FFBF is "Florida Farm Bureau will be the most effective, influential and respected Farm Bureau in the nation. To truly be recognized as Florida's Voice of Agriculture.

Florida Federation of Fairs & Livestock Shows

12802 Balm Boyette Rd.
Riverview, FL 33579

Welcome to Florida Federation of Fairs and Livestock Shows, Inc. website! Here you will find up to date information on Florida's fabulous Fairs. You will also find links to our members and related websites.

Florida Future Farmers of America (FLAFFA)

5700 SW 34th Street, Suite 106
Gainesville, FL
(352) 378-0060

FFA operates on local, state and national levels. Student members belong to chapters organized at the local school level. Agricultural education instructors serve as chapter advisers. Chapters are organized under state associations headed by an adviser and executive secretary, often employees of the state department of education. States conduct programs and host annual conventions. The agricultural science education program is built on the three core areas of classroom/laboratory instruction, supervised agricultural experience programs and FFA student organization activities/opportunities.

Florida Meat Goat Association


The goals of the Florida Meat goat Association (FMGA) are to: promote the goat industry; develop a better meat goat; expand the existing markets for goat meat and all other types of goat products; participate in educational and promotional programs for the benefit of producers, processors, distributors, and consumers of goat meat and other goat products. The purpose of the FMGA is to promote the goat industry with a primary interest in the production and marketing of meat goats and a secondary interest in the showing and promotion of breeding stock goats of all breeds.

Florida Miniature Zebu Association


The Florida Miniature Zebu Association is made up of a group of individuals and families that share a passion for the Zebu breed. The zebu is a species of cattle originating in South Asia. Zebu are characterized by a fatty hump on their shoulders. Zebu cattle frequently bred as show animals.

Florida Pygmy Goat Association


The Florida Pygmy Goat Association (FPGA)was established in 1987 and is affiliated with the National Pygmy Goat Association (NPGA). The Florida Pygmy Goat Association sponsors several NPGA sanctioned Pygmy Goat shows a year: the Fall Bra-awl Pygmy Goat show, The Winterfest Pygmy Goat show, the Superbowl Pygmy Goat show and since 2006, the Spring Fling Pygmy Goat show. All our shows are now "2 shows in 1 day", since 2006. Our shows have grown to include exhibitors & showmen from over seven states!

Florida Rescue Farm

Duette, FL

Florida Rescue Farm is located in Duette, Florida. We have a small homestead and sanctuary on 5-acres of land in Southwest Florida. We offer sanctuary to chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, goats, cattle and other livestock. Adopt a farm animal here.

Florida State Fair Held Annually in February

P.O. Box 11766
Tampa, FL

The annual Florida State Fair is a salute to the state's best in the agriculture, livestock, and equestrian industry. Featuring poultry and egg show, dairy goat show, beef show, sheep show, Boer goat show, and rabbit show.

Florida Veterinary Medical Association

7131 Lake Ellenor Drive
Orlando, FL , 32809

The Florida Veterinary Medical Association for the past 75 years has been the voice of Veterinary Medicine in Florida. It is a statewide, non-regulatory, not for profit association of 2,500 veterinarians who are primarily interested in the promotion of animal health and the well being of animals, public health, the enactment of laws regulating the practice of Veterinary Medicine, and the control of diseases of animals and the advancement of the veterinary profession through sponsored professional meetings and publications. Its Foundation, which was created in 2000, provides a means whereby contributions of its members and the Friends of Veterinary Medicine can be used for educational and charitable means to support the betterment of the health and welfare of veterinary medicine and animals by providing financial support to many worthwhile projects such as animal disaster relief programs, public education support concerning health and welfare of animals and youth organizations such as 4H, FFA and scouting.

Florida White Rabbit Breeders Association


Florida Whites continue to grow in popularity because they are a true show rabbit taking many Best In Shows every year. Because Florida Whites are a versatile breed they are raised in a variety of climates for a variety of purposes.

Gainesville Rabbit Rescue

Gainesville, FL

Gainesville, FL Rabbit Rescue offers rabbits for adoption. To begin the adoption process, send us an email. We adopt to indoor homes mostly, but do have a couple of exceptional rabbits that could live outside. All of our policies and procedures are included in the adoption application.


The Mission of Houserabbit Adoption Rescue and Education is to rescue neglected, abandoned domestic rabbits, provide them with medical care, including spay/neuter, and to find permanent, loving homes for them. We also wish to educate the public about the proper care of these intelligent, complex, loving animals. Adopt a house rabbit today. T

Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show at the Osceola County Fair Held Annually in February

1911 Kissimmee Valley Lane
Kissimmee, FL

Many Open Livestock Shows are held at the Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show Pavilion. Getting involved in an open livestock show is fun and rewarding. The Kissimmee Valley Livestock Show is held as part of the Osceola County Fair. Livestock shows include dairy goat show, rabbit show, poultry show, rabbit show, cattle show, sheep show, and beef and heifer show.

Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida


The Meat Sheep Alliance was organized to promote the sheep industry in Florida , and to provide information and education to its members and to the general public regarding the production of sheep. Florida residence is not required for membership. The Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida sponsors meetings in the spring and fall each year. Previous meetings have addressed marketing, parasites and related problems, pasture development, genetics, new Federal programs pertaining to sheep health, and much more. Members of the Meat Sheep Alliance of Florida are ready and willing to share their knowledge and expertise in raising sheep in the southeast. If you are considering sheep production, a membership in the Meat Sheep Alliance will provide an invaluable resource.

Miniature Donkey Association of Florida

15641 County Road 675
Parrish, FL

The FLDMA invites everyone to join with us in promoting fellowship in our love for Donkeys and Mules. We started out as a Miniature Donkey Association. However, we would like to welcome all longears lovers to join us - Miniature, Standard, Mammoths Donkeys and Mules.

Napier Family Farm & Animal Rescue


Napier's Log Cabin Horse & Animals Sanctuary, inc. is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) Florida corporation Dedicated to Relieving the Suffering and Abuse of Animals by Providing Loving Adoptive Homes or Permanent Homes to Needy Animals. The Sanctuary is located in Bradenton, Florida. The Sanctuary also Offers Pony Rides, Horse Rides (No prior riding experience necessary for $25/person), at the Bowman Ranch, a 20-acre ranch, All Benefiting the Sanctuary. Great Place for a Birthday Party!

National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Noah's Ark Potbellied Pig Sanctuary

New Port Richey, FL

Noah's Ark has been rescuing potbellied pigs for over a decade. We have seen every facet of the effects abuse and abandonment produce on potbelly pigs and the response and trust that comes from the rescue pigs from the care and affection we provide. The rescue pigs live in an open herd sanctuary in a natural environment. Potbellied pigs are available for adoption.

North Florida Fair held Annually in November

The North Florida Fair features agricultural exhibits including a beef show, dairy cow show, a poultry show, a dairy goat show and a rabbit show.

Orlando Rabbit Care and Adoptions

Maitland, FL

We are a group of adult bunny lovers in Central Florida who are dedicated to the health, care, and enjoyment of house rabbits. We promote and support housing bunnies indoors as family members and within an air-conditioned/heated area of the home. ORCA advocates indoor bunnies who are fed a good diet of quality timothy-based pellets and leafy green veggies, enjoy regular out of cage play time, are spayed or neutered, and receive regular checkups and health care as needed.

Santa Rosa Fair

2015 Fair Dates April 3rd through April 11th

South Florida Fair & Palm Beach County Expositions, Inc.

9167 Southern Blvd
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

THE ORGANIZATION THE SOUTH FLORIDA FAIR AND PALM BEACH COUNTY EXPOSITIONS, INC. is a nonprofit corporation 501 (C3) organized and existing pursuant to Chapter 616, Florida Statutes. It has a Board of Trustees comprised of seventeen (17) individuals who are responsible for setting policy and seeing that management of the association is carried out under direction of an executive staff consisting of the President/CEO and at present, two Vice Presidents.

Southeast Llama Rescue

Dunnellon, FL

The SELR mission is to protect the quality of life and improve the well being of abused, neglected, unwanted and behaviorally unmanageable llamas through prevention, education, intervention, placement and lifelong care. SELR is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization incorporated in North Carolina. In situations where the owners are not able to keep or maintain their llamas, SELR takes them in and ultimately finds new homes for them. Funded entirely by private donations and adoption fees, SELR assists new llama owners by providing basic care information and connecting them with local "mentors" who are able to provide assistance on a more personal level.

Suwannee River Fair and Livestock Show

Fanning Springs, Florida, FL
(352) 221-5935

Suwanee River Fair and Livestock Show MARCH 5-7, 2015

Swine Society, Inc: A Rescue Organization.

Okechobee, FL

We would like to continue reaching and exceeding our goals in helping unwanted, neglected, abused, and abandoned pet pigs as well as helping the community by implementing a low cost spay/neuter program for pigs already in homes!

Tampa Bay House Rabbit Society


Our rescue space is reserved for shelter rabbits about to be euthanized. Due to the economy, we have no space for rescues.

The Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services- Division of Animal Industry

407 South Calhoun Street, Mail Stop: M7,
Tallahassee, FL 32399

The Division of Animal Industry is responsible for enforcing animal health regulations in Florida and protecting the state from animal pests and diseases, which could have major economic and public health consequences. The Division combines a Bureau of Diagnostic Laboratories and Bureau of Animal Disease Control, carrying out active animal disease prevention, surveillance, and control programs. District veterinarians and animal health inspectors throughout the State work with producers, animal owners, and private veterinarians in monitoring and enhancing the health and welfare of Florida 's animals. Florida 's livestock inventory includes 26 million poultry, 1.5 million beef cattle, 500,000 horses, 140,000 dairy cattle, 100,000 swine, 30,000 goats, 10,000 sheep, and millions of companion animals. Traditional farm/ranch livestock are raised along with exotic species from around the globe. The number and diversity of animals in Florida and our dynamic animal commerce demands vigilance in protecting animal and human health. The Division of Animal Industry serves as the lead agency for Animal and Agricultural Issues under Florida 's Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. Planning and response and coordination efforts are an important responsibility of the Division for emergencies ranging from natural disasters to devastating disease outbreaks. The Division plays a critical role in safeguarding animal and public health and maintaining market access for Florida's animals and animal products.

UF/IFAS Extension Solutions for Life

Gainesville, FL

Florida's livestock industry is a huge part of the economy, contributing over $1.5 billion annually. Extension is a partnership between state, federal, and county governments to provide scientific knowledge and expertise to the public. The University of Florida (UF), together with Florida A&M University (FAMU), administers the Florida Cooperative Extension Service. Beef Florida Dairy Extension Goats Horses Poultry Swine Other Livestock

Useless Animal Farm Sanctuary, Inc.

7451 Crill Ave
Palatka, FL 32177

We have cared for over 400 kittens and puppies for local no kill shelters (including 75 of our own adoptions - www.petfinder.com). Presently we are actively involved with our local Humane Society's Board of Directors but are choosing to concentrate on Farm Animals at the sanctuary. Our general adoption policy: Unless a prospective adoptee can offer the same or better care, the animal stays here. References are carefully evaluated. Our 250+ residents include: llamas, steers, pigs, goats, a donkey, geese, chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and cats. This past year we have fostered many domestic rabbits for a wonderful organization - Gainesville Rabbit Rescue. At present time we have 6 of there bunnies. This month we have received 4 turkeys and 4 roosters from Farm Sanctuary - NY. They are the 3 group we have taken in and are proud to be working with such a fine organization We help with wildlife. Possum, turtles, squirrels, birds and bunnies have found temporary refuge here

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