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Free videos designed to inform you about cattle care and feeding. Each cattle video lasts only a few minutes but provides critical information in easy to understand formats.

Raising Cattle Bookstore

Find books about raising beef cattle, grass-fed cattle, small herd cattle farms and more.

Bottle Feeding a Calf

Russ gives techniques and tips on how to train your milkbottle feeding a calf cow to be more cooperative and shows how you get a calf to start bottle feeding.

Tagging Calves

Tagging calves is dangerous work. This video shows you how to tag calves and avoid injury to yourself and the calf.

Feed Mixing

Sometimes there is a need to mix purchased feeds with feeds available on the farm.

Forage Sampling

Dr. Keith Johnson shows us how to correctly sample a large round bale for forage analysis.

Grass Fed Beef

Video of Harris-Robinette Farms describing how they produce grass fed beef to meet today's consumer demand. Read up on raising grass fed cattle with these recommended books.

Grazing Stick

How to use a grazing stick to estimate the amount of usable forage available n a pasture.

Low Stress Cattle

Temple Grandin explains behavior methods of low stress cattle handling methods for moving groups of cattle through gates.

Cattle Behavior

Temple Grandin lectures on how distractions, lighting and shadows can cause livestock to balk and refuse to move through races, cattle chutes, and corrals.

Body Condition

A short video of the method used for body condition scoring beef cattle.

Curved Corrals

Temple Grandin shows how to design curved cattle handling facilities for ranches, feedlots, and slaughter plants to reduce stress and improve animal welfare.

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