Florida Alpaca Breeders
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Alpacas and Llamas for Sale in Florida

Florida Alpaca Breeders

Alpaca with babyFirst quality Alpacas for sale from Florida's top breeders. Alpacas are bred for the fine soft wool they produce. Alpaca wool has many superior qualities including being hypoallergenic. Many Alpaca breeders spin their own wool and offer it for sale.

At a height of 32" to 39" and weighing up to 185 pounds, the alpaca is considerably smaller than its cousin the llama. Alpacas have a life expectancy of about 20 years.
Visit one of these Florida Alpaca farms and you will fall in love with these beautiful and gentle animals. Be sure to call ahead for an appointment.

View baby alpaca pictures.

Florida Llama Breeders

In addition to Alpaca breeders Florida has many Llama breeders who specialize in show animals. Llamas are the from the same species camelid as the Alpaca and are widely used as meat and pack animals in South America.

herd of llamasAt a height of 5'6" to 5'9" and weighing up to 440 pounds, llamas are imposing figures in the pasture.  At birth, a baby llama which is called a cria can weigh between 20 and 31 lb. Llamas have a life expectancy of 15 to 25 years, with some individuals surviving 30 years or more.

Llamas are very social animals and prefer the company of other llamas. Llama wool is very soft and lanolin-free. Llamas are intelligent and easily taught simple tasks after a few repetitions.

Alpacas and Llamas for Sale

Alpaca Magic USA
4920 Grover Cleveland
Homosassa, FL
Alpacas for sale and sire. Alpaca Magic has been raising quality alpacas since 1996. Today you can visit us, not only to see the alpacas and learn more about them but also to browse through our store and stroll through our gardens. Our store has many items made from the alpaca fleece.

Circle Double D Alpacas
1465 Long Horn Rd
Middleburg, FL
(904) 291-3191
Florida Suri Alpacas for sale. Florida alpaca farm located in Middleburg, FL and selling Suri foundation females. We primarily raise and breed Suri Alpacas.

Funny Farm Alpacas
718 W. Rusk Lane
Lecanto, FL
Alpacas for Sale in Florida
Our beautiful Florida Alpaca farm is located in Central Florida on the Gulf side approx. 85 miles north of Tampa and approx. 30 miles SW of Ocala (Horse Capital of the World). Funny Farm Alpacas sells the finest Alpacas on our Alpaca farm along with detailed instructions on their care.

Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch
10937 Tarpon Springs Road
Odessa, FL
Alpaca for Sale in Florida
Alpacas for sale in Florida. Golden Spirit Alpaca Ranch is nestled away in sprawling 75-acre farmland of Odessa, Florida. Golden Spirit is home to 180 alpaca and a place where the fleece quality and well being of each of these animals is our top priority. Adopting is an opportunity to experience the love and joy of alpaca without ownership. Select an adoption package for yourself or as a unique gift.

Meadow Pointe Alpacas
355 East Main Street
Geneva, FL
321 288 4073
Florida Alpaca Farm
Alpacas for sale in Florida. Welcome to Meadow Pointe Alpacas, home of some truly amazing alpacas! Best described as a virtual farm, Meadow Pointe has its roots in Florida, West Virginia and Colorado. Prize winning Alpacas for sale in Florida, West Virginia, and Colorado

Sun Spiced Alpacas | Suri Alpacas
5420 South Farm Point
Homosassa, FL
Florida Alpaca Farm
Alpacas for sale in Florida. We breed hardy and genetically diverse Suri alpacas. We have Suri alpacas of prestigious Peruvian, Bolivian, and Chilean origins in a full range of colors. Each alpaca brings unique qualities to the genetic pool, and we strive to take advantage of each alpaca's merits.

Sweet Blossom Alpaca Farm
37543 Pappy Road
Dade City, FL
Florida Alpaca Farm
Sweet Blossom Alpacas is located on a 15-acre farm in Dade City, Florida, and breeds high-quality alpacas. Sweet Blossom Alpacas also offers alpacas for sale as well as agist services. Alpaca products from fine alpaca wool are also available from Sweet Blossom Alpaca Farm.

Turtle Run Llama Farm
20715 CR 561
Clermont, FL
Florida Llama Farm Selling Fiber
Presently only raising Llamas for our llama fiber business including fiber and fiber products.

Woodland Hills Alpacas | Alpaca for Sale
6190 Soffel Dr
Brooksville, FL
(352 )799-3234 or cell ( 352 ) 397-6825
Florida Alpaca Farm
Brooksville, Florida Alpaca breeders and Alpaca sales including Alpaca fiber for sale.

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