Feeding Your Chickens to Lay All Year
best chicken feed
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Chicken Feed - So They Lay all Year

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best chicken feedWhat to feed your chickens so they lay eggs all year round.

Free Range Chickens

Free range chickens require less feed while caged chickens require more chicken feed. Watch this video and learn about the proper feeding of your chickens.

Organic Chicken Eggs

Under the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program, organic eggs must come from chickens that are raised cage-free, fed an organic diet grown without pesticides, managed without antibiotics and hormones, and have seasonal access to the outdoors.

Feeding Your Chickens

Becky shows you what she feeds her chickens so they lay eggs all year long. She talks about non medicated laying mash, crimped oats, bread, and whole corn instead of cracked corn. Becky also talks about how important it is to keep the chicken water clean.


Whole Corn for Chickens

whole corn for chickens organic hen scratch

Coyote Creek Certified Organic Feed - Hen Scratch 

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