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Raising Chickens - Free How To Videos

Everything You Wanted to Know About Chickens

How to Raise Chickens: Some Questions and Answers

Susan lives in Charlottesville, Virginia and raises chickens in her backyard. Here she answers some common questions about raising chickens, including which breeds are good layers and what predators to watch out for.

Joy of Raising Chickens

Famous author Ashley English discusses the fun of raising chickens on the farm or in your backyard in this informative video.

Chicken Breeds

Learn the different chicken breeds in this free video on poultry care. What is the difference between a Road Island Red and an Australorp? What chickens are the friendliest? What breeds produce the biggest eggs? What is a bantam chicken. Check out the book Best Chicken Breeds to answer your questions.

Selecting Eggs for Incubation

Learn how to select chicken eggs for incubation in this free video on poultry care.

Expert: Dr. T. K. Roy

Bio: Dr. T. K. Roy, the past principal director of animal husbandry in the government of West Bengal, is a graduate in veterinary science.

Building a Portable Chicken Coop / Tractor

Portable chicken coops are practical for the small scale poultry/chicken enthusiast.

Chicken Feed

The right chicken feed depends on the age of you chickens. In the first year of a chickens life, several stages of growth require different chicken feeds. Where do you get chicken feed? At a feed store or you can order online.

Gardening With Chickens

Basic introduction to using chicken manure as a veggie growing resource. Not straight droppings, but mixed with dry pine shavings. Go green, go organic, for your good health.

Raising Chickens for Eggs

Not only are chickens fun to have in the backyard, but they also pay their way by producing fresh eggs that you can have confidence in eating.

When Are Chickens Ready to Lay Eggs

How to tell when chickens are mature enough to lay eggs. A naturalist from the Massachusetts Audubon Society explains in this lively video.

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